The story

The story of the LATTERIA MORTARETTA is inextricably entangled with the personal experience of its current owners, the brothers Ballesini Nedo and Alessandro, who started producing Parmigiano Reggiano in their small artisanal enterprise in the early 60s. Even back then, the brothers Ballesini could already boast a prestigious name, which they inherited from several generations of professional cheese-makers.
However, what allowed the firm to grow quickly was the brothers’ understanding of the potential of a product that was still almost unknown in Northern Italy: the mozzarella cheese.
The firm grew throughout the years and broadened the variety of its products, thanks to an attentive attitude towards the ever-growing market demand.

Read the full profile of the Latteria Mortaretta (from “Reggiolo lavora e produce” - “Reggiolo works and produces”, published by Omnia Edizioni).
Not only has the traditional dairy production been diversified, but a new sector has also been specifically created for the processing of fresh pork meat and cold cuts. In 1978, the company opened a new, modern plant and consolidated its assets in the S.r.l. LATTERIA MORTARETTA, which has its legal and administrative headquarters in Reggiolo, Via Cattanea 66.

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